Become More Spiritual Today

Becoming more spiritual is something that is probably on most people's bucket list. But where does one start on the path to higher spirituality? It's not exactly a task you can do once and check off your list. Becoming more spiritual is more of a lifelong journey than a concrete goal. One thing I love to do is keep a spirituality journal. I write down something spiritual every single day. If I'm not feeling very spiritual that day, I write that down. The journal is supposed to be a real record of my spirituality, instead of a perfect record of a manufactured life. Write something down every day, like “I prayed today but I don't feel like I got an answer” or “I feel really close to God today.” It can be a sentence or a few paragraphs. Read through it often to see your progress. You'll be able to remember good things and try to change bad things.

hand on top of another persons hand

Becoming Compassionate

A good characteristic of a spiritual person is their compassion. Being compassionate means seeing other peoples' points of view and having empathy for others. It can be easy for me to get caught up in my own life. I have to practice this trait daily. Practice being compassionate by listening to a friend the next time they share something hard. Instead of assuming they're being dramatic, listen to their problems and share feelings of sorrow for their situation.

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Avoid Negativity

All good things come from God and all bad things are from the opposition. To have God in your life, avoid negativity. Embrace good things and try to keep a positive attitude, as that is what God would want. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, imagine throwing them out a window and welcoming in a more positive thought. This visualisation really helps me retrain my brain to be more positive than negative.

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